{PHOTO: Facebook/40/29's Mitch Roberts)

If you were watching the College World Series this week, you probably noticed the clapping guy sitting behind home plate. He was described by folks on our social media feeds as “annoying”, “public enemy number one”, and a “Gus Malzahn wannabe” due to the visor and glasses he was sporting from his primo seats.

Intrepid 40/29 Sports Director Mitch Roberts was on the ground in Omaha the past twelve days, and finally caught up with the guy that until now has only been known as “Clapping Guy”.

So now that Jack Jones has been identified by the news media, he appears to be capitalizing on his fifteen minutes of fame by trying to get some of this trip funded.

“After clapping my heart out and watching the hogs beat Florida, I figured I can’t stop now, gotta take those claps all the way to the Natty!” Jones had said on his GoFundMe page earlier this week.  As a college student, money is tight, so a $650 ticket would put quite a little dent in my pocket, so I’m needing some help.”

According to his Facebook page, Jones is a Springdale High School graduate and current student at the University of Arkansas.

Now, if Mitch could just track down the “wooooooo” guy that sounded like a cross between Ric Flair and an owl under the influence of methamphetamines.


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