Motorcycle accident results in fatality

The scene of the accident

March 6th, 2019

FORT SMITH- Police report that a fatal traffic accident has taken place.

Officers responded on Tuesday evening to an accident at the intersection of Leigh and Pheonix Ave. The accident reportedly involved a jeep and a motorcycle.

Police were able to identify the victim as 20 year old Dalton Quick. Quick was riding the motorcycle which was involved in the accident and Police say he was not wearing a helmet.

“There was no substance abuse related to the accident as far as the driver who hit him,” said Aric Mitchel, Public Information Officer with the Fort Smith Police Department. “He submitted to testing and there was no evidence that he had been drinking or anything like that. He was obviously shaken up from what had happened.”

The other driver reportedly did not sustain any serious physical injuries.

Mitchel also noted that the motorcycle had been confirmed to be reported stolen.

“I would like to point out though that just because the bike was reported stolen, that does not mean the person on the bike was the one who stole it,” said Aric Mitchel. “I can not confirm that was the case.”

No further details have been released and we will provide any updates if they become available.


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