Matt Jones (right) broadcasts with Buzz Radio Network personality RJ Hawk last year (PHOTO: Twitter)

FORT SMITH – We haven’t heard a whole lot from Fort Smith native and Razorback great Matt Jones since he abruptly left his statewide radio show last year, but he does make the occasional statement on Twitter – and Saturday night one of them was directed right at the Head Hog himself.

Bad Timing For Razorback Foundation

As Arkansas’ beatdown from the South Carolina Gamecocks continued, the Razorback Foundation obviously could have picked a better time to try to sell boxes in the somewhat controversial north endzone expansion.

We’re not prophets or anything, but based on the comment section, something tells us that 479-443-9000 probably isn’t ringing off the hook. One person didn’t even type anything, they just posted a picture of a dumpster fire.






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