ALMA – The “Kick Start Alma” campaign continues, and several areas of development are being discussed during meetings being held today.

If you don’t know what the group is or does, they have been meeting since September.

“What do you love about Alma? What can be improved?” the group asked via social media. “Now YOU have an opportunity to decide as a community! Kick Start Alma represents a unique opportunity to create a strategic action plan that the entire community can participate in forming.”

The 5 focus groups will be meeting individually with the CDI team to get more detailed instruction as to what our finished plan should look like. If you have not joined a group yet, feel free to come out and get involved with the ones that interest you the most. The meetings will be held at the Alma Community Building at the times listed below.

Job Creation 9:30 am – 11:30

Downtown Revitalization 9:30-11:30

Beautification and Recreation 9:30-11:30

Arts and Culture 12:30-2:30

Branding and Marketing 12:30-2:30

“Please consider serving on of these teams.” the group said. “You can keep up with the process by following the Kickstart Alma Facebook page. Also, please share this page with your FB friends. This is a huge opportunity for our community, and we need to let everyone know that it is going on.”


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