Picture taken by Amber McCarthy

It didn’t so much affect people here in Arkansas because there aren’t too many that get the print version of the Omaha World-Herald, but Razorback fans in attendance at the College World Series had plenty to say about the Sunday cover that previewed the story of Saturday night’s 1-0 loss to Florida State.

Now keep in mind, in Omaha, the College World Series attracts as many local fans as it does from the locales of the participating universities. In many cases, if the Nebraska Cornhuskers are not playing, locals have adopted a team and even gone so far as to buy their gear.

So it couldn’t have been anything but confusing when instead of the front facing Razorback logo, the World-Herald graphic designers placed an Arkansas State Red Wolves logo instead.

94.9 Radio Jon/Deek, the Northwest Arkansas station built around personalities Jon Williams and Deek Kastner were more than happy to send pictures back to Arkansas via their Facebook page on Sunday. As they noted, this was “Why newspapers are dying exhibit 3,731.”

It is safe to say that the newspaper may get a phone call or two on Monday morning when they open.

But for Hog fans who want to rub it in to the folks over in Jonesboro, it is also safe to say that being mistakenly reported as a participant may be the closest Arkansas State has been to the College World Series.

Lets’ hope we still have something to talk about Monday night after the elimination game against Texas Tech.


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