FORT SMITH – The United Way of Fort Smith Area , at the request of officials from the City of Fort Smith and Sebastian County Emergency Management, and in partnership with Eastside Baptist Church has opened a Volunteer Intake Center. The intake center is at Eastside Baptist Church located at 2710 Massard Road in Fort Smith. The hours will be 8am – 6pm, Monday – Saturday.

In order to help our Volunteer Intake Center understand and place volunteers where best fit we are asking that volunteers fill out the River Valley Disaster Relief Volunteer Registration form that is found on the United Way of Fort Smith Area website, at Registration takes less than 2 minutes to complete and will help the efficiency in-which we get a project assigned as the need arises, as well as lets us understand the volunteer’s availability and skill set.

If volunteers are affiliated with a church or organizational group that will be volunteering together, please click the box next to “Group” in the “I am signing up as a(n)” section of the form. Then, include volunteer group name in the section of the form that follows. Please ensure that you stay as consistent with your group name as possible with your additional team members when signing up to allow our Volunteer Intake Center volunteers the ability to determine all members of your group (ex. “ABC Insurance, Inc.”).

If you are not affiliated with a group, please just register as an individual.

If your home or business is in Crawford, Franklin, LeFlore, Logan, Sebastian or Sequoyah counties and you need assistance in clean-up, inside or outside, please call 1-800-558-3370. The hotline will take your information and direct it to this volunteer intake center for response.


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