SPONSORED: ‘Carousel of Dreams’ coming to Fort Smith

An equestrian experience unlike any ever before seen in Fort Smith will delight audiences young and old alike when the Gala of Horses “Carousel of Dreams” makes a one-show stop at the Fort Smith Convention Center on September 6.

The family-oriented spectacle allows the audience to follow a young girl and her fairy Godmother into an equine dreamland and experience the majesty, splendor, and amazement of the Gala of the Royal Horses as they’ve never been experienced before.

Brought to you by world-renowned riding master Rene Gasser, the stunning world of Gala of the Royal Horses: “Carousel of Dreams” immerses audiences in a tantalizing live performance, featuring the most beautiful horses in the world “The Royal Horses of Europe” which include the Famous Lipizzaner Stallions, the Spanish Andalusian, the Friesian and the majestic Arabian.

Born in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, near the banks of the River Rhein, it could be said that Rene Gasser was destined to work and perform with horses.

His love all things equine began at an early age and stemmed from a family history of not only horsemanship but also showmanship. Rene’s great grandmother was an accomplished horse trainer and performer, whilst his great grandfather was a highly decorated military horseman.

Gasser’s involvement in the equestrian entertainment business throughout the world has allowed him to take his family heritage to new heights. Having worked alongside some of Europe’s best riders and trainers he has the experience, skill and ability to make his dreams reality.

For the last 12 years Rene had been touring both in Australia and abroad with his various productions, which include Gala of the Royal Horses, Lipizzaner’s With the Stars and Equestra, as well as the production of “Gala of The Royal Horses” that toured for two years in the United States. Rene is now excited to bring to audiences in North America an all-new revamped production entitled “Gala of the Royal Horses: Carousel of Dreams”.

Rene and the team from El Caballo Blanco have spent the last 4 years planning for this moment. Not only did they purchase and train more young Spanish Horses to add to their stable of 25, they also imported traditional costumes and equipment from Spain.

The teams includes his wife, Barbara.

With over 28 years experience in the entertainment industry, Polish born Barbara has since retired from the performance aspect in order to concentrate on running the business side of the operation. By doing so, it allows Rene to spend the necessary time with his horses to ensure their skills remain of the highest standard.

Aside from running an international company, Barbara is also kept busy running a family which consists of their teenage daughter Gigi, who shares her father’s love of horses and was featured in the Gala of the Royal Horses production that just toured the United States for two years.

She is prominently featured in their newest production “Gala of the Royal Horses: Carousel of Dreams”

Their teenage son also travels with them on tour and works with the horses, helping with their training horses when they are either at their training facility in Florida or on tour.

The audience gets to live the dream with the young girl who is the centerpiece of the production as she explores the magic of her dreams and works to find her purpose in life.

“Carousel of Dreams” gives audiences the chance to experience the excitement, splendor, and majesty of the most beautiful horses in the world like never before.

The show combines stunning horses from all around the world with live performers creating a breathtaking event for the entire family.

There are only a total of 960 tickets available for this performance.

Tickets are now available HERE.

If you would like more information about this production, please log-in to at http://www.galaoftheroyalhorses.com/contact


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