JONESBORO – The Arkansas State Red Wolves haven’t held back in poking fun at their cross-state colleagues. (We can’t really call them rivals, or opponents because as we know the Hogs will not play them.)

But after Arkansas squeaked by Coastal Carolina in a 39-38 game that was admittedly too close for comfort, Arkansas State’s official Facebook feed decided to do some reminiscing.

After Head Coach Blake Anderson’s joke telling at the Little Rock Touchdown Club a few weeks back, it appears that the folks in Jonesboro don’t plan on holding back any longer when it comes to the Hogs.

Well played, Red Wolves. Well played.



    • They do, fairly regularly, play SEC teams at the beginning of their schedules each year. And they compete a lot of the times. Just sayin.

    • It’s quite obvious you haven’t paid attention to Arkansas State’s non-conference scheduling of the last few years. 2017–Nebraska and the Miami game was canceled due to the Hurricane; 2016–Auburn; 2015–USC and Missouri; 2014–Tennessee and Miami. You may want to conduct some research before posting.

  1. We play Alabama next year, John. We’ll play anybody anywhere anytime. Hey Richard, when was the last time the Hogs won the SEC? Oh yeah that’s right, never. We’ve won our conference 5 out of the last 6 years. We’lll be going to another bowl game this year too. How bout the Hogs? Hey, I just heard Jon Gruden’s private plane was spotted in Fayetteville. LOL

  2. We play Alabama in ’18 and Georgia in ’19, John. But thanks for asking. When will we play Arkansas? Maybe when the hogs quit running.

  3. If ASU is so great, they should move to a real conference. Oh, I’m sorry, i forgot they can’t afford to move. The athletic dept is on the verge of financial collapse. UA is down but will never have to beg and borrow. That part of AR is too poverty stricken. If ASU had any sense they would actually teach kids to balance a checkbook and not pawn your books for football.


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