FORT SMITH – The office of Prosecuting Attorney Daniel Shue has announced that no criminal charges will be filed in the April death of a man who died in Fort Smith Police custody. An official report says Darrell Keith Hays swallowed a packet of meth while being transported to the Sebastian County Detention Center, leading to “Asphyxia Due to Airway Obstruction by Foreign Body” with a contributory cause of “Methamphetamine Intoxication.”

Fort Smith officers at approximately 12:30 AM on April 19th, initiating a traffic stop of a vehicle near the intersection of Towson Avenue and Fresno.  Hays was a passenger in the vehicle and was arrested based on an outstanding warrant and the possession of drug paraphernalia discovered during the course of the traffic stop.

Local police transported Hays to the Sebastian County Detention Center where he began to exhibit symptoms of being in medical distress.  Lifesaving measures were begun and emergency medical personnel responded to the detention center to transport Hays to an area hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

Shue’s report indicated that the level of meth in Hays’ system was toxic to potentially lethal.


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