CONWAY – A man who police say has had several arrests related to the stalking of women across Arkansas and beyond was arrested earlier this afternoon by the Atkins Police Department.

A recent Facebook post that had been shared over 3,100 times warned women that 42-year-old Jeffery Hergert, who authorities say often poses as a door-to-door salesman, had been asking homeowners inappropriate questions and then sometimes staking occupants of the house.

“Recently there have been several posts shared locally and throughout the state in reference to the individual in the photograph (Jeffery Hergert) and his reported alarming behavior approaching women at their homes.” The Conway Police Department said. “He was taken into custody today by Atkins PD (while going door to door) for an outstanding arrest warrant out of our department for first-degree stalking.” 

Hergert has a long history of stalking arrests and contact with police. From 2011 in the Wilkes-Barre, North Carolina area to multiple instances in both Northwest and Central Arkansas, he has had numerous cases against him. A June 2017 article in the Washington County Examiner-Leader indicated at the time of his arrest in Prairie Grove, that Hergert had been accused in some reports of stalking women in Fort Smith. 

“We would like to thank everyone who was putting the warnings out about this individual and we encourage anyone who has any dealing with anyone that are suspicious to contact us immediately.” the Conway Police Department added. 

Investigators in Atkins say that Hergert had a stalking warrant from the United States Marshal’s Service at the time of his arrest.



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