FORT SMITH – Damage reports are coming in from a series of high wind and possible tornadoes that were seen across the Fort Smith area on Saturday afternoon. Several tornado warnings were issued for Sebastian and Crawford Counties by the National Weather Service in Tulsa during a two hour period.

The Fort Smith area went under a warning when a tornado was seen over the Fort Smith Regional Airport, moving east. Numerous social media reports included photos and videos of a rotating wall cloud over Rogers Avenue.

Damage reports included:

  • Broken power poles and downed powerlines on at the Long John Silvers on Towson Avenue
  • Trees down on the Sykes Building in Fort Smith
  • An interstate sign thrown into the middle of I-540 in Fort Smith
  • Arkansas State Emergency Management reported trees down between State Highway 253 and Highway 10 west of Greenwood
  • A large tree fell on a house in the South 2nd Street area of Ozark
  • Downed trees blocked Highway 64 near Mulberry
  • Highway 23 was blocked by downed trees 6.5 miles south of Ozark near the Highway 96 intersection
  • Unconfirmed reports indicated a door was blown out of the Office Depot store on Rogers Avenue in Fort Smith
  • Numerous reports of roof and shingle damage across the area



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