FORT SMITH – One of Fort Smith’s original chain steakhouse locations has closed its’ doors for good as of this morning. Employees of the Logan’s Roadhouse location at Rogers Avenue and Interstate 540 confirmed to InsideFortSmith.Com that Thursday was the restaurant’s last day in business.

According to a manager, the company decided against renewing the lease of the building located at 6201 Rogers Avenue. Google Maps is also showing the restaurant as permanently closed.

The chain closed a number of locations when it went through bankruptcy proceedings in early 2016, blaming its financial problems on weakening sales in the restaurant industry. At the time, renegotiating leases at a number of locations was a key part of the group’s strategy to remain financially solvent.

The Fort Smith restaurant is the only Arkansas location to be affected by the change. Employees are reportedly being given the opportunity to transfer to other Logan’s restaurants if they wish to stay with the company.


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