FORT SMITH – Police are reminding citizens that it is important to have a visible house number displayed in front of your residence.

“While this is addressed in Fort Smith Municipal Code Sec. 22-3 – House Numbering, there are many addresses that are difficult to find, especially in the dark,” stated the Fort Smith Police Department in a Facebook post.

“Please help you first responders to quickly find your residence in the event of an emergency by using large, highly visible house numbers.” An article from the has great advice on several methods for installing new street numbers such as installing them on a porch column, on your front fence, next to wallflowers, above your garage, hanging a plaque from your front porch, installing them on your mailbox, or installing a plaque on the front of your house or near an outdoor light. If you would like to find out more about Fort Smith City Ordinances you can access and click on “other law enforcement links”.


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