FORT SMITH – Management of the Fort Smith Convention Center could be outsourced to a new company, depending on the results of discussion among members of the City Board this week. In their monthly study session, directors will take up the possibility of assigning management of the event venue to the Oak View Group, a facilities management company.

“OVG Facilities is a young and dynamic company that provides venue owners and operators with customized services that addresses the specific needs of their entertainment, sports, performing arts, conference and expo, civic, and city venues,” the company said in a prospectus sent to the city. “OVG Facilities provides strategic planning and consulting services to ensure a project’s long-term viability by providing comprehensive strategic planning work in collaboration with facility owners.”

The company cited current work being done with the National Hockey League and the University of Texas-Austin as current partnerships where the company has thrived.

According to the city, OVG representative Shura Barnett met with City Administrator Carl Geffken on April 17th to get a tour of the facilities and to obtain access to revenue projections and financials. She also met with Director Keith Lau to talk about “the benefits of private management, the history of OVG and her personal experience in the industry”.

The group says they are prepared to make an offer that includes a turnkey program to turn the facility around.

“Oak View Group Facilities is prepared to offer a full-service management solution for the Fort Smith Convention Center. We have the experience, resources, programs, and the talent to ensure that the FSCC will operate efficiently OVG will provide operational oversight and management of the FSCC, under the direction of City staff,” the Group said in their information presentation. “The City will establish all policies and standards for the venues including a Standard User Agreement, Booking Policy, and rules and regulations by which OVG Facilities will manage the venues on behalf of the City.”



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