FORT SMITH – You can now dance freely on Sundays in the city of Fort Smith, without fear of being ticketed or ending up in the Arrest Report on this website. City Directors voted Tuesday night to repeal a 65-year-old ordinance that gave the potential of criminal prosecution to those who wish to “cut a rug” on the Sabbath in a dance hall or elsewhere.

“I thought this would be an opportunity for us to start repealing some of these old, unenforced ordinances that we have on the books—codes that are outdated,” said Ward 2 City Director Andre Good during the meeting.

According to the City of Fort Smith, there is no record the “morals” ordinance has ever been enforced.

No Comments On Bond Issues

The City Board held a public hearing to discuss the possibilities of issuing water and sewer construction bonds, and refunding bonds issued in 2008. According to the city, there was no input either way from residents during the meeting.

“No one rose to speak during tonight’s public hearing on issuance of Water & Sewer Construction Bonds and refunding 2008 bonds.” the City said on their social media channel. “Directors had been told refunding the debt would save City taxpayers about $4 million. During the Board presentation, however, staff said calculations now indicate the savings will be closer to $9 million. Bonds fund both Consent Decree and non-Consent Decree projects.”


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