FORT SMITH – Parking rates could be on the rise in downtown Fort Smith, if a new ordinance passes muster with the city’s Board of Directors at tonight’s scheduled meeting.

According to a memo from City Administrator Carl Geffken, the current $.25 an hour rates haven’t risen since 1985. Under the new guidelines, they would double to $.50 along Garrison Avenue. Other streets would cost $.25 per forty minute increment, rather than the current quarter per hour structure.

Fines would also be on the rise as well. Currently the fine is $5.00 if paid before the close of business on the day after, and under the proposed ordinance, it would rise to $10.00 if paid in the same timeframe.

According to the memo, if the ordinance is passed, the city will begin the process of implementing smart parking meters that can be accessed by smartphone.

The city council’s entire agenda can be viewed here.


Any person who shall violate or permit or allow anyone to violate the provisions of this
division shall upon conviction be fined not less than ten dollars ($10.00) nor more than twentyfive
dollars ($25.00); provided, however, that any person who has parked for a time longer than
that permitted by law at any parking meter may deposit in an envelope provided for that purpose
by the police department the sums indicated below by the times indicated below and deliver the
same to the police station or deposit the same in marked courtesy boxes, and no further penalty
shall be imposed; provided, however, that each additional hour such vehicle is over parked shall
constitute an additional and separate offense for which a separate and additional charge shall be
paid as herein provided.
(1) Ten dollars ($10.00), if delivered on or before 6:00 p.m. of the day following the violation;
(2) Fifteen dollars ($15.00), if delivered after two (2) days and before five (5) days of the violation;
(3) Twenty dollars ($20.00), if delivered after four (4) days and before sixteen (16) days of
violation; or
(4) Twenty-five dollars ($25.00), if delivered after fifteen (15) days of the violation.


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